For us, sustainability is about shaping the future of our business and minimising our impact on the environment.

We work to ensure that we meet all our own environmental responsibilities and help our customers to achieve theirs as we work towards a world where nothing goes to waste.


By minimising waste, use of materials and energy consumption, together with development of the latest films and products such as X-Hance and X-EnviroPouch, we promote sustainability as part of everything we do.

RPC bpi protec is one of the few packaging companies worldwide to be accredited with zero waste to landfill sites. We’ve been recycling waste polythene for over 40 years and every year we aim to increase the amount of polythene that we recycle, which currently stands at over 85,000 tonnes a year.

Like any responsible business, creating a sustainable future for generations to come is a core commitment of RPC bpi protec. Sustainability underscores everything that we do – both the products that we manufacture and the way we run our operations. We work to ensure that we meet all our own environmental responsibilities, and help our customers achieve theirs too.

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