Recycle Ready Laminate Film

Recyclable alternative for laminated films like PET/PE or OPP/PE

X-Enviro Laminate is part of Berry bpi’s X-Enviro Range which provides a sustainable solution for a variety of flexible packaging products.

Laminate films are used by companies looking for ways to preserve, protect and promote their products. However, a traditional laminate construction consists of multiple plastic materials which means they are unsuitable for recycling in practice.

X-enviro Laminate is a laminated recyclable polyethylene based alternative to traditional PET/PE and OPP/PE laminates. The film supports circular economy while maintaining similar essential mechanical features such as high stiffness, gloss and ink protection of PET/PE or OPP/PE multi-material laminates. The use of the latest PE film technology makes X-enviro Laminate suitable for various packaging types, including HFFS, VFFS and flow wrap applications.

Furthermore, X-enviro Laminate Sustane contains up to 30% recycled content thereby meeting the growing consumer demand for more sustainable plastic packaging even further. Alternatively, X-enviro Laminate O2 possesses excellent oxygen barrier properties besides the water vapor barrier properties of the standard X-enviro Laminate, resulting in a recyclable film relevant for many food products.


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