Recycle Ready Laminate Film


Laminate films are used by companies looking for ways to preserve, protect and promote their products. Strength and flexibility is key to our X-Enviro Sustane range which additionally contains up to 50% recycled content and is also fully recyclable itself, thereby meeting the growing consumer demand for more sustainable plastic packaging. This makes it ideal for household and personal care applications.

A traditional laminate construction means they are also unsuitable for recycling. Our new X-Enviro Laminate – Sustane completely changes this.

Using the latest PE film and barrier technology its high gloss finish, strength and rigidity make it suitable for VFFS, pre-made pouch, quad pack & flow wrap applications, delivering improved sustainability without the loss of traditional laminate product benefits.

The new X-Enviro Laminate – Sustane is part of the X-Enviro Range which provides a variety of flexible packaging products that offer added value to manufacturers and retailers, such as portion control management, fully recyclable alternatives to traditional non-recyclable methods, and reclosable films.

Typical applications

  • Household
  • Wet wipes
  • Personal care

Lidding film substrate materials

  • PE

Lidding film format options

  • HD print
  • MAP – Modified Atmosphere Packaging
  • Moisture barrier
  • Unique numbering
  • Permanent closure
  • Gusseted – bottom and side
  • Prestoclose
  • Full hole perforations
  • Laser perforations


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