RPC bpi protec benefits from flexo investment

RPC bpi protec is supplying wraparound reel-fed labels in eight colours for use across a range of milk bottles supplied to major retailers by a leading UK dairy, facilitated by investment in equipment for volume production of reel-fed labels in the beverage sector.

The labels are produced using a specialist 35 micron OPP film. The material is claimed to offer excellent tensile strength for faster application speeds and the elimination of web breaks during the manufacturing process. The strength of the material also allows a thinner gauge film to be used for weight reduction. In addition, this delivers more labels per standard reel to help minimize changeover times. The OPP is fully recyclable.

The contract is the first major customer for RPC bpi protec since its investment in a Comexi flexographic printing press and Ashe slitting machine.

Eric Roche, general manager at RPC bpi protec, commented: ‘Our significant investment ensures we are able to deliver exceptional quality and service to customers for their reel fed labels, whatever the volume. We provide a quick turnaround across a variety of SKUs, delivering the speed of response that the customer needs to meet the major retailers’ specific milk requirements.’

Roche continued: ‘Our customers are very pleased with the service we have delivered to date. The quality and appearance of the label plays a key role in reflecting and promoting the quality of milk products and we are building on this success to develop even greater growth in the beverage sector.’


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