Zero To Landfill Award

Being part of the RPC bpi group, the Environment has always been a key factor for RPC bpi protec (formerly bpi.consumer packaging)within their strategy.  Since introducing their formal Environmental Management System in 2006 and through a series of operational, supply chain and product development initiatives, they have year on year reduced the amount of waste sent to landfill.

RPC bpi protec (bpi.consumer packaging) are pleased to announce that they have now achieved a full year of being ‘Zero To Landfill’, and in recognition of this have been awarded the ‘Greener Path Award’ by ACM Environmental PLC.

Tony Farquharson, Production Director said ‘RPC bpi protec (bpi.consumer packaging) has always strived to operate sustainably, and we are delighted that the efforts within our environmental activities have been recognised by ACM Environmental PLC with this award.’

Andy Jacobs, Chief Executive of ACM Environmental said “We are delighted that RPC bpi protec (BPI Consumer Packaging) is a recipient of the Zero Waste to Landfill Award.  We have worked in partnership with them to help implement an environmentally-sound waste management strategy and to see them achieve such impressive landfill diversion results is extremely gratifying.”


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